Casanova was a Librarian

About the Book

In Casanova Was a Librarian you’ll find detailed information on interesting and humorous aspects of librarians.  For example:

  • Casanova, the Brothers Grimm, Pope Pius IX, and Golda Meir were librarians.
  • For that “hard to buy for” librarian in your life, you can purchase gifts ranging from ladies’ thongs designed with sexy librarian logos and messages on them, to pet collars bearing the appropriate Dewey Decimal Number on them.
  • Rex Libris, a comic book series by James Turner, focuses on the adventures of a space-traveling librarian as he chases down overdue books while fighting to preserve the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.  The series is available from SLG Publishing
  • According to the U.S. Census, the median age of librarians is 47, and only 18% of librarians are male.
  • UnShelved is a free daily online comic set in a public library.
  • Librarian’s Lung is a rare disease recognized by OSHA.  It affects librarians who have inhaled certain mold spores over a prolonged period.
  • Action figures can be purchased for six different famous librarians. One even has a bobble-head toy made in her image.
  • And don’t miss the chapters on librarian jokes, pick up lines, songs, and other humorous aspects of librarians!

Look for Casanova Was a Librarian for more revealing details about librarians and the library profession.

Now available from McFarland!!