Casanova was a Librarian


They’ve been killed by angry mobs, knighted, and even canonized.  Some have gained fame or infamy as politicians, inventors, revolutionaries, notorious lovers and even  saints.  In ancient Rome they were literally slaves.  They can be found in every community.  And we either love them or hate them.  There’s no other explanation for them, except to say, they’re librarians!

Casanova Was a Librarian provides a peek at the lighthearted, humorous, sexy and intriguing side of librarians.  In addition to information about famous librarians, you’ll learn about librarians in politics, porn, poetry, song, movies, and the comics.  Librarian humor, librarian recreation and health, librarian underwear, outerwear and other merchandise designed just for librarians are just a sample of the information you’ll find in this book.

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